What do we do?

Well, that’s an easy one! We provide novels on rent. The categories are extensively varied and well the rent prices are extremely low.

How does it work? How much do I pay upfront?

Well, the process is simple. Select your favorite read and order it. The default rent prices are mentioned for 7 days. Initially, you pay the initial payable amount when the book(s) are delivered to you and when you return them back, the rent price is deducted and the rest of the money is returned to you.

For how many days, do I get to keep the novel? 

Well, the default rent prices are mentioned for 7 days. But if you want to keep the book for more than 7 days, there is an extra 10₹ charge for every 7 days. For eg., the rent charge of a book for 7 days is 40₹, then for 7-14 days it is 50₹ and so on!

What’s the delivery period?

Well, that’s the most wonderful part! Whichever part of Kota you are,if we provide services within that area, it will be delivered to you within a day!