And Then There Were None


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The book, ‘And then there were none’, is a mystery novel by Agatha Christie who is known to have popularized this genre. This book is considered her masterpiece and she described it as one of the most difficult books to write. The novel is about a group of people who are lured into coming to an island. All these characters have been accomplices in murders but have somehow escaped justice. It narrates the story of ten people being killed by an unknown killer. The killing is done one after the other. The increasing suspicion of who the killer is and the fear for their safety keeps the readers engaged. The reader’s curiosity finds its answer in the end when the reason as to why these characters had been chosen is revealed.

About the author

Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie is a well-known bestselling English novelist. She also wrote plays and short stories. The book is a mystery novel, a genre she widely popularized and is still known for. Her works have highly influenced mystery writers till date. She has written six romance novels under the pen name – Mary Westmacott. She is also the writer of a murder mystery play ‘The mousetrap’ which is the world’s longest running play. It was in 1971 that she was made a Dame for her works which made a huge contribution in literature. Guinness book of world records has her name listed for the bestselling novelist of all time.

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