Hero- The Secret


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Book Description:

Hero is a motivational book to inspire people and make them realise that real power lies within themselves. The book chronicles the life changing stories of twelve successful people, who have achieved everything they ever wanted just because of their never dying faith in themselves.

In the book, some of these successful personalities have even talked about their views on wisdom as well as how their life journey progressed. The book gives a clear message that real heroes are not outside, but inside every human being. One just has to find out the way to unleash that hero, despite all the inner fears and doubts.

About the author:

Rhonda Byrne, born in 1945, is an Australian writer and television producer, who is best known for writing motivational books. A believer of the philosophy that to achieve your dreams, one needs to first firmly believe in them, Byrne most successful books have been New Thought, The Secret and its sequel The Power

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