like a love song

Like a Love Song


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Book Description:

A haunting love story that does grip, the theme of the book is revealed in its title itself. The book has been widely read by youngsters in India, especially girls.

‘Like a Love Song’ has a young woman Maahi come to terms in seeking true love, something that remains elusive for many and most dreams often die before they could ever be lived.

A four year old traumatizing heartbreak is something that the young woman finds hard to overcome. Time does heal and so it was for Maahi.

Just when she has nearly buried the past and is out exploring new relationships, having become confident of being in a true love bond, the past comes around to haunt Maahi.

As the blurb of the book puts it, ‘Love is a many-flavoured thing’ the authoress portrays that all aspirations about love can vanish ‘in the blink of an eye’. A constant struggle between the heart and the head, strong emotions in conflict with plain reason, the story is an emotional saga about self-destructive love contrasted with the healing powers of true passion.

Written in plain, simple but good English, the book has been well received by a growing fan following of Nikita Singh’s novel readers.

About the author:

Born in Patna in 1991, Nikita Singh spent her early days in Indore in a household full of avid readers. She graduated in Pharmacy and took up a job with a Delhi based publisher, first as a publishing manager and later as an editor. Her knack of writing has had her author nine bestselling novels, which include Someone Like You, The Promise, Love @ Facebook and After All This Long. For her writing abilities, she was even rewarded with the prestigious Live India Young Achievers Award in 2013.

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