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We tend to limit our potential as we do not have sufficient faith in ourselves. With this book the self-help guru, Robin Sharma teaches us the secrets of a perfect life. He gives us examples from the successful lives of the people who are at the top in their field. How they live, how they think and how they constantly motivate themselves. By following such examples the reader can learn to mould their thoughts and actions and achieve success in their chosen field. No one is without potential and the book helps the reader to tap into their inner resources to achieve success and happiness. The key is to strive constantly for self-improvement.

About the author:

Robin Sharma was born in 1965 in Canada. He has two degrees in Law and was a very suc-cessful litigator. He quit his profession to write books on self-help. The first two books that he wrote were self-published. His second book, The Monk who sold his Ferrari, was picked up by Harper Collins for publication and became a runaway hit. He has since written 31 books. He is the founder of Sharma Leadership International Inc. which provides management consultancy to vari-ous top companies around the world.

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