Now That You’re Rich!


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Now That You’re Rich: Let’s Fall In Love! is yet another simple, humorous and realistic story by Durjoy Dutta. The story revolves around four different people, all coming from various walks of life but united only in their quest of becoming rich as fast as possible. Abhi is a college topper and has a decent job at an MNC but later leaves that job for another job at the Silverman Finance, an Investment Bank, which he sees as his golden ticket to becoming rich quickly. A beautiful and rich girl Garima also joins The Silverman Finance as a means of change from her usual depressing and lonely life. Saurav is an IIT graduate and the son of a millionaire, who joins the firm for his own personal reasons. and lastly we have Shruthi, who also joins the firm, is a lovely and lively middle-class girl, who needs to get married to a rich guy as soon as possible. and their life as they know it, changes as they begin their new jobs.

As the story moves on, matters of love and work arise. The once close four friends drift apart due to misunderstandings. with their demanding and manipulative seniors who won’t think twice about putting them down and bosses who expect more than a little overtime, will their friendship endure it all and become what it was before and when the recession hits the economy, will they survive the problems are told in the book.

About the Author

Durjoy Dutta is an Indian author who writes for young adults. He has written many bestselling books like Of Course I Love You!, She Broke Up, I Didn’t!, Oh Yes, I am Single! If it’s not Forever, Someone Like You and You were My Crush!

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