The Magic- The Secret


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Book Description:

We all fail to realize the purpose of our life. We do live and fulfil most of our dreams, yet feel something missing within us. This feeling of being lost and wandering around often comes without any answers which can get frustrating and draining. This is exactly why we all need some ‘magic’ in our life to help us out. This is where Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Magic’ enters the fray.

About the Author:

Having been on her journey of discovering life, author Rhonda Byrne brings together for her readers an extremely motivating and self-confiding journey to fill our lives with joy and contentment. Her journey began with ‘The Secret’, a book that gained universal recognition and is now available in as many as 47 languages.

The author continues to remain on the list of bestselling authors even after five years from the commencement of her journey. Her other book, The Power has also gained recognition as the worldwide best seller as she continues to motivate her readers.

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