Every one of us has heard about global warming and the treacherous temperature variations; about how earth is dying because of our actions. One of the reasons for this condition is thoughtless cutting of trees. On an average, a tree produces 8333.3 sheets of paper approximately. Every year,4 billion trees or 35 percent of the total trees are cut around the world to produce paper. At ChapterOne, through our 3 main services i.e., Buy In Collaboration With Us, Buy-Sell Used Books, and Borrow-Lend, we intend to reduce the number of trees cutand hence reduce the ill effects of tree cutting. Each of our services is specifically designed to produce great results in reducing the number of papers produced per annum.

ChapterOne is the result of a collaborative effort of two people who share the same idea but with different perspectives – one is to make paper-back books easily available to everyone at affordable costs and the other is to make paper-back books available but at the same time reduce the cutting trees for paper. Our ways, of making the same old goodness of paper-back books available to you, would help in reducing the need for printing new books, in turn reducing the need for producing new paper. Even if a single book of 500 pages is read by more than 16 people, we will be saving a tree and therefore taking a tiny and yet a significant step in saving our planet.