Divya Boppana x ChapterOne

Divya Boppana, a talented young woman passionate about fashion, realised early in her teens that content creation is the path she wanted to choose in her life. Her adoption for fashion and lifestyle made her begin this page! She generally wanted to impart her style stories to her friends and that is the point at which she figured she ought to grow her crowd and discuss what she needs on a bigger stage. She is now a lifestyle blogger who loves to talk about Food, Fashion, Beauty and what not!  

Chapter One has collaborated with this young talented influencer on many occasions. She has always been a fav of  us & our audience. 

Check out her page for info on beauty and style tips if you are looking to upgrade your fashion quotient. She also promotes alot of indian brands specially indian designers ! 

Instagram Page: https://instagram.com/divyaboppana_?utm_medium=copy_link   
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